3 Things That Can Happen If You Put Off an Oil Change

Internal combustion engines need motor oil to lubricate thousands of moving parts and reduce the friction and heat that they otherwise would endure. According to AAA, automotive experts advise changing the engine’s oil and oil filter every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. But what happens if you don’t and wait too long? The following are three common things that could happen if you put off an oil change.

1. Decrease Motor Power and Fuel Efficiency

The harder an engine has to work and the hotter it runs, the less power it will produce. The engine will have to work harder to produce less power, which puts a major strain on its internal parts. You also would notice a decrease in fuel efficiency due to the engine working harder to maintain normal driving speeds. The additional fuel cost likely would be significantly more than the cost of a standard oil and oil filter change done during the recommended service interval in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

2. Shorten the Engine’s Service Life

When an engine is properly lubricated, its internal parts suffer much less wear and tear than when the motor does not have suitable lubrication. When you put off an oil change, the motor oil in the engine loses viscosity and develops sludge that makes it harder for the engine to do its job. The reduced viscosity and increased sludge increase the amount of friction that the internal parts experience. As oil loses its viscosity, the parts endure much faster wear and tear that shortens the engine’s service life.

3. Cause Overheating and Catastrophic Damage

Running oil that has lost most of its viscosity is deadly for an internal combustion engine. The motor will run hotter, which can cause parts to deform or even break. Oil leaks, coolant leaks, and other problems could cause the problem to get worse really fast while making the motor run at an oppressively high temperature. A hotter engine also could cause deformation of head covers and other parts. You might cause the engine to suffer a catastrophic failure that makes your vehicle useless without a costly repair or a new engine.

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