Why Getting Oil Changes Will Extend Your Car’s Life

Many motorists forget about their oil until something goes wrong with the engine. According to AAA, the recommended interval between oil changes is between 5,000 and 7,500 miles, depending on the type of motor oil used. If your car is reaching that milestone between oil change services, here’s why changing the oil regularly will help extend your car’s service life.

Ensure Proper Engine Lubrication

An internal combustion engine has thousands of moving parts that make it work. Those parts require lubrication that reduces friction, so the parts can last longer without failing suddenly. Motor oil works great when it’s new and is paired with a new oil filter when you get an oil change service done on your car. The oil breaks down over time, loses its viscosity, and picks up acid that can damage engine parts, gaskets, and seals if you don’t change the oil.

Remove Oil Sludge From the Motor

Another reason regular oil changes are required to ensure engine longevity is to prevent excess sludge buildup inside the engine. As oil breaks down and loses its viscosity, it becomes dirty and leaves a residue on the inside of the engine and its parts. Oil residue builds up into a sludge that interferes with engine efficiency. Changing the oil helps flush out any residue and leave the engine’s insides clean while also lubricating them.

Prevent Overheating

Heat is the biggest enemy any motor has, and procrastinating on changing the oil could lead to excess heat. The hotter the engine gets, the less efficiently it will run. A less-efficient engine consumes more fuel, which raises your ownership costs. The engine also could break down due to overheating, which would require costly repairs, an engine replacement, or buying a new vehicle.

Reduce Daily Wear and Tear

The less wear and tear a motor endures over the years, the longer it will last. An oil change service is one of the most affordable and effective ways to reduce wear and tear by lubricating the moving parts inside the engine and preventing excessive heat. The less wear and tear the engine and its parts endure, the longer it will enable your car to last.

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