3 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car Safe Through the Winter

Keeping your car safe through the winter should be your number one priority when it starts to get cold. You spend a lot of time in your vehicle, and need it to be as secure as possible. According to The Zebra, winter driving conditions result in nearly 2 thousand deaths and over 135 thousand injuries yearly. This is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. The lives of you and your loved ones are on the line. Here are three ways to ensure that your car is as safe as possible before you have to deal with driving in inclement weather conditions.

Get Your Car Serviced

The first thing you should do is take your vehicle to a shop specializing in auto repair to have it serviced for winter conditions. They will ensure that your car has an updated oil change, check your tires, check your fluids, replace anything that needs to be replaced, ensure that your lights are functional, and take care of anything else that might need to be serviced before the winter. Checking to see what types of auto repair service are needed before it gets too cold could prevent the need for any major repairs throughout the winter.

Keep Your Gas Tank Half Full

Keeping your gas tank half full will prevent your gas from freezing if it gets too cold. You won’t be able to start your car if the gas can’t get to the engine. Make sure you’re taking regular trips to the gas station all winter to ensure that your gas tank doesn’t go below the halfway mark.

Switch to Winter Tires

Winter tires are a must when it comes to preventing any major accidents in the wintertime. These tires have better traction and are designed to handle ice and snow. They aren’t foolproof, and you’ll still need to drive carefully, but switching to seasonally appropriate tires before the first snow hits will play a major role in keeping you and any passengers in your car safe.

You must prepare your car for winter before it’s too late. You don’t want to risk driving in unsafe conditions with the wrong tires or catch yourself without windshield wiper fluids in a snowstorm. Contact Auto Diagnostic & Repair Center today to get your car ready for winter. We look forward to assisting you!