3 Things to Know if You Own a Vintage Car

Vintage cars make a massive statement everywhere they go. For instance, a Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder would definitely be noticeable whether you attend a friend’s wedding or make an entrance at a fashion event. They double as a piece of art and a good investment. According to Hagi Indices, classic car sales can generate … Read more

4 Things to Look for in an Oil Change Mechanic

Getting an oil change is an important part of vehicle maintenance that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is essential for keeping your car in good running condition and ensuring the longevity of its engine parts. You should always trust a qualified mechanic to perform this type of work, so it’s important to evaluate the qualifications … Read more

3 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car Safe Through the Winter

Keeping your car safe through the winter should be your number one priority when it starts to get cold. You spend a lot of time in your vehicle, and need it to be as secure as possible. According to The Zebra, winter driving conditions result in nearly 2 thousand deaths and over 135 thousand injuries … Read more

How to Tell When You Need Brake Repairs

Your car will always notify you when the brakes need servicing, as not every car owner obsessively maintains their vehicle. It is okay. A car’s brakes should always be in top working condition since their failure on the road could cause fatal accidents or even death. Worn-out brakes often give the tell-tale signs of screeching … Read more