How Often Should You Change Your Transmission Oil?

Keeping up with your vehicle maintenance is crucial to the safe operation of your car and the retention of its value. You might be tempted to skip important vehicle maintenance jobs, but this doesn’t serve you well in the long run. Maintenance jobs such as changing out transmission fluid can affect how your vehicle operates. If you procrastinate on this task, it might wind up costing you in the future. According to Statista, as of 2021’s Q4, there were almost 239,100 auto repair and maintenance centers in the U.S., a 2% increase from 2020. Choosing the best professionals among this number will help ensure your car gets the care it needs. Let’s look at some signs that it might be time to change your transmission fluid.

Manual Transmission

Vehicles come with different types of transmissions. A manual transmission will need to have the fluid changed out about every 30 thousand to 60 thousand miles. You will need to keep track of when you last had the fluid changed to ensure you’re doing this type of maintenance on schedule.

Automatic Transmission

If you have a vehicle with an automatic transmission, you can change out transmission fluid about every 60 thousand to 100 thousand miles. You should keep in mind that there isn’t any harm in changing out fluid early, though. Be sure to consider the type of use your vehicle goes through as well. For instance, if you have a heavy-duty use vehicle, you might want to change out fluid every 15 thousand miles. You can talk with professionals at transmission shops to get a better understanding of transmission maintenance.

Why Changing Transmission Oil Matters

The transmission is a crucial part of your vehicle’s drive train. Transmission repairs and replacement are especially expensive. You can cut down on the risks of these types of repairs by keeping the transmission in good maintenance. Good transmission maintenance always starts with keeping the fluid changed on a good schedule.

Signs You Need to Change Out Transmission Fluid

The best way to know if you need to change out transmission fluid is to check it yourself or have a mechanic check it for you. Good transmission fluid is often bright red. You can tell if the fluid is old by the color. Old transmission fluid will appear dark brown or blackened. If you have difficulty shifting gears, it could also be a sign that you need to change out your fluid. Grinding noises while changing gears are also a sign of transmission issues, as well as slipping gears. Another sign can be unexpected surging forward or backward while driving or changing gears.

If your vehicle is in need of transmission maintenance, it’s critical to research the best transmission shops in your area. You can count on Auto Diagnostic & Repair Center to treat your vehicle with the care it needs. Contact us today to schedule service.