What Happens During a Regular Oil Change Service?

It’s important to have your oil regularly changed. How often you should receive oil changes can depend on the make of your vehicle, the type of oil you use, and various other factors. Either way, make sure you have oil changes regularly. Otherwise, your vehicle may not last as long as it otherwise could.

Oil changes should be left to professional auto centers. Trusted mechanics have been completing oil changes for years. It is second nature to them. They can do the job quickly and ensure that everything is done right. Let’s take a look at what happens during a regular oil change service.

First, You’ll Talk to Staff

When you arrive at the oil change center, you can talk with the staff and let them know what you need. They will ask what type of oil you want, such as synthetic or high mileage. It’s often best to use premium oils as they perform better and may reduce the risk of wear and tear. Once everything is sorted, the auto repair professional will let you know your wait time.

Next, the Oil Will Be Drained

Before the new oil goes in, the old oil must be removed. The oil change technician will either lift your vehicle or park it over a pit. This allows them access to the engine and oil pan with ease. From there, they can safely drain the oil.

It’s important to be very careful when draining oil as it can get very hot. Hot oil can exceed the temperature of boiling water. Fortunately, oil change technicians will know how to minimize risks or injuries.

Lastly, New Oil is Put In

Once the oil is drained, the technician will reseal your engine. Then, new oil will be added to your vehicle. The technician will likely check the oil levels afterward to ensure everything is right. Further, depending on the service and your requests, they may change the air filter to ensure smoother operations.

At the end of the day, professional oil change services are quick, convenient, and easy to schedule. There are around 93,000 people employed in the American oil change service industry, according to Statista, and they play a crucial role in making life easier. Need help with oil changes? Get in touch with Auto Diagnostic and Repair Center today!